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I have been a regional human rights activist in the Asia-Pacific region since 1996, and have been closely involved with Human rights and human security issues directly involving Australia’s nearest neighbour, the island of New Guinea, since 1999.

I have gained extensive experience since this time in active human rights service, and in the process I have formed and maintained a large network of useful allies and sympathisers in all areas of human rights, refugee protection, peacekeeping, environmental protection, fisheries, aid monitoring, national parliaments, government, military, security, and intelligence. More to the point, I have an unparalleled grassroots base within my areas of interest and operation. These contacts, and friends, span the entire Pacific region, and globally.

I spent over ten years running – as Coordinating Editor – the groundbreaking clandestine media project West Papua Media which reported the latest independently verifiable human rights, civil resistance, environmental and human security reportage from West Papua. News reports are submitted by a distributed team of clandestine journalists, using encrypted anonymising tools, both on the ground in West Papua, and around the world.  We are also involved in providing citizen media training and capacity building for witness broadcasting.

A new initiative which I founded is the iSAFEMojo.press: the Safe Witness Journalism Project, a project to deliver safe source secure mobile broadcasting and communication technologies for frontline and witness journalists, investigators and human rights/environmental defenders. I am currently completing a new OpSec guide for frontline witness journalists and activists and will be conducting trainings across the Asia-Pacific region for the second half of 2019

Since 2017 I have been simultaneously working as an OpSec consultant to disruptive technology and finance companies, and have also been engaged in helping create a Please watch this site closely for more details on this groundbreaking project.

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