What I can do for your Organisation?

Due to my particular experience I can provide the following services on a consultancy or full term basis:

  • Utilisation of existing networks:  Large global network of useful allies and sympathisers in all areas of human rights, refugee protection, peacekeeping, environmental protection, fisheries, aid monitoring, national parliaments, government, military, security, and intelligence.
  • Media, Human Rights, Human Security and Strategic Consultancy.
    Campaign co-ordination and communications;
  • Mission Command, research, field work, video,  human rights documentary evidence collection and training.
  • Video training for human rights defence.
  • Activist Security Training and Communications Security Training
  • Situational Briefings on full Human Security issues in Areas of Operation;
  • Trend Analysis and use (and development) of key Investigative software for Human Rights Security Intelligence;
  • Command of high security human rights operations teams, Highly proficient in conflict zone & operational human rights & NGO security, VIP Protection; asset security. Trained in Advanced Defensive and CT Driving (Urban, Desert, Bush and Tropical), and Tactical Pursuit and Evasion for car and 4wd; Battlefield and Bush Medicine experience.
  • Confidently and effectively liaise and speedily effect action with representatives from international and national governments, NGO, military, law enforcement, media, underground and corporate organisations of all sizes;
  • Heavy utilisation of all targeted media including organisation of all facets of a story.
  • Able to confidently conduct interviews on TV, Radio and print, press conferences on both sides of the mic.

    With the benefit of many past missions, and my prior work, my networks are able to complete similar tasks in ignored or unreported areas across Melanesia

    For full details, please check out the Reports section of my site.

    For a detailed resume please contact me directly at manukoreri(at)riseup.net.

    GPG Key available upon request.

    For those who require it for more secure work, where appropriate, a confidential cleared active history profile is available too. Please contact via Hushmail for this, and I will have to establish bona fides before this is supplied. Extensive references for prior work in this field are available to appropriate organisations.

    TO SEND A SECURE EMAIL TO ME, PLEASE VISIT https://forms.hush.com/manukoreri

    UNTUK mengirim EMAIL AMAN kepada SAYA, SILAHKAN BERKUNJUNG  https://forms.hush.com/manukoreri

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