Mission Reports

Here you can find some of the missions and work I have been doing.

West Papua Border Mission May/June 2006:  


A 30 day mission was commenced on May 14th 2006 to go in to PNG and other places unspecified nearby, to complete the following:

  • organise security and different options for Siti Wainggai;
  • locate, assist, interview, secure and treat a group of 85 refugees from the March 16 Freeport protests in hiding in PNG;
  • locate and assess the remainder of the 600 refugees – the entire student population of West Papua;
  •  collect information and complete a current accurate security assesment of the border region as it relates to West Papua;
  • And follow up on corruption allegations and forest security issues as outlined in my report Terror-razing the Forest.


This eye-opening report paints a disturbing picture of the situation in the north-west border provinces of Papua New Guinea involving corruption, gun-smuggling, illegal logging, sex slavery and the JI. The evidence uncovered points to a concerted campaign of economic, social and military/intelligence destabilisation and domination of East Sepik and Sandaun provinces by Indonesia. Information was gathered through interviews and conversations that were conducted with West Papuan refugees, guerrillas, priests, bishops, grassroots activists, aid workers, ex-premiers, members of Parliament, NIO agents, PNGDF personnel, ADF personnel, expolice, pilots, fishermen, villagers, journalists, bookmakers, vanilla growers, marijuana growers and even gun smugglers and a pimp.

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