Welcome to the new Manukoreri.net

Greetings! My name is Nick Chesterfield. I am a journalist, grassroots security analyst and citizen media activist and trainer who stands up for the rights of Indigenous Peoples across the Asia-Pacific Region, specifically focusing on Melanesian issues.

Some of my services include Independent investigative Human Rights & Human Security Journalism, Consultancy, Field Investigations, Citizen Media & Civil Resistance training, Strategic Planning and Advocacy across Melanesia, Australia & the Pacific

Manukoreri.net is here to showcase some of my past and present work in the region; connect people with some of the worthy crew I work with; and for regular updates on issues I am involved in. It is also to allow me to demonstrate some of my experience and skills that may be attractive for your organisation or network on a reasonable consultancy basis. (more in the “What I can do for your Organisation” page).

If you need to know anything at all about me in the public domain, please just google me, and you should get a rough idea of what I get up to.

This site is dynamic and currently under construction.

I am currently attempting to locate suitable donors to assist me in my work throughout 2011 and beyond. Projected humanitarian, citizen media training and research operations this year will necessitate funding over A$100,000 minimum, and I am additionally looking for some very modest income support to enable me do this work most effectively.

You can help me in this. Critically, you can support the sustainability of my work by funding a regular commitment, whatever you can afford, by subscribing to my work via Paypal, simply by clicking here.

Help support my regional security work by making a one off donation through PayPal – it is fast, free and secure.

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